Sunday, June 9, 2013

The ABCs of Running

Just my thoughts on running...this week was National Running Day and even though I don't love running, I do consider myself a runner.  Here are my ABCs of running.

A is for attitude.  Running really is all in your head.  If you believe you can do it, you can.  If you think you can't, you are right too.  Change your attitude and voila, a better runner.

B is for breathing.  Three beats in, three beats out.  Breath from your belly.  It works, trust me.

C is for chaffing. Yep, I said it. It happens in the most unlikely and likely of places. Investing in the gel, roll on, or any sort of anti chaffing stick and slather it on. Nothing like thinking you didn't chaff and getting into the shower after a run finding out you missed a spot - ouchewawa!

D is for my favourite running tracking site that allows you to post workouts, talk to other athletes, and celebrate successes.

E is for Epsom salts. Love, love, love, my Epsom salt baths after all my runs.

F is for Fuzzy Peaches. My running buds Lish and Lindsay got me on these. Instead of buying those sports chews, hit the Bulk Barn and load up on these awesome treats that are sweet but covered with salt. Delicious and something to look forward to on long runs
G is for Garmin. I love my Garmin watch. It tracks distance, time, pace, etc. and it only helps keep you learning and improving.

H is for hungry.  Running makes me NOT hungry right after but REALLY hungry a couple of hours later - be careful that your intake and outtake are balanced.

I is for ice.  I ice my knees and it really helps with pain, swelling and soreness.

J is for jumping.  It is vital to helping building your quads.  Here is me working the quads with some box jumps with my trainer.

K is for Kleenex.  Bring them everywhere because so some strange reason you nose will run and your sleeve is not a good option.

L is for long runs. They are a must when training because it shows your mind that you can go the distance.

M is for marathon. Not the traditional one that we all think of but any run that to you is a long one. Whether you want to run for 20 minutes none stop or 20 miles GO FOR IT. But, I continue to say that if I can run a marathon ANYONE can.

N is for NUUN. Nuun are tablets you put in your water, they are magical and help with hydration and loss of electrolytes.

O is for orthotics. After my first marathon I spent some time with a podiatrist to make sure my feet were healthy and not letting me down when the kilometers get high.

P is for training plans, it is imperative that you use one to plan for your next race. There are so many free ones online or through your local running store.  P is also for pace, partner, and plank.  Knowing your pace, having a running partner and doing so planks to keep your core strong will all lead to running success. 

Q is for quick step.  I learned that a quick turnover of your feet gives you a couple of seconds off each km/mile and having some great music to push you along helps too.

R is for rest. Ever since I read an article about people over 44 shouldn't run back to back days, I have had much better success, recovery and no injuries.

S is for Saucony. I only wear Saucony shoes and love their Guide series.

T is for training on hills.  You must build hill training into whatever plan you have.  They work your cardio, quads, and help with your posture. 

U is for Under Armor. Even though I am a "Clydesdale" "Athena" runner, Under Armor is one of the few clothing companies that makes a lot of 2x stuff that fits well, lasts, and looks good.

V is for vest. I love running in a vest as it helps regulate your temperature and wear less bulk.

W is for water. Really is there any other beverage pre, during and post run? Well, maybe NUUN with water but hydration is key.  Practice drinking from a cup before you enter a race as running while trying to drink from a tiny cup is near impossible - fold the cup in half to make a channel and you will not miss your mouth or choke like I have a million times.

X is for x-rays.  Make sure that if you are in pain that you ask for help from a doctor in the form of a x-ray so that you know if you have done some damage or if the pain is normal wear and tear.

Y is for YASSO. Bart Yasso is a hero to many as the originator of RUNNERS WORLD and its empire. Plus, his Yasso 800s are amazing predictors for your marathon time.

Z is for zany. When picking a race, the zanier the better. The Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati is our favourite because of the costumes and fans. The crazier the better!!!!