Sunday, September 9, 2012

Worst Race Ever

I am sooooo embarrassed. Today I participated in the Springbank 1/2 Marathon. I did it last year as a warm up race for Chicago and I sucked with a 2:58. I had taken it easy and treated the race like a training run vowing to return this year to do better.

Today, I had set a goal of 2:52 (not a personal best (PB) just the pace I need practice in order for a PB in Chicago. Started great, didn't get passed by the race (you do this weird loop thing to start) or the 5k racers (they passed me last year and it was embarrassing), charged up the hills, stayed with 8min pace till 8k and then BONK slowly started to die like I have never felt before. I saw so many awesome people on this out and back route and I tried to keep my head held high. But alas, there was no victory on this day.

Soon I was 9min/kms then 9:15 then 9:30 at the turn around - then I walked - I know, I WALKED!!! How crappy is that. Nothing hurt, no pain anywhere, just couldn't get going.

I finished 3rd last as they were giving out the awards. Everyone saw me finish way after 3 hours. I hung my head in shame as they gave me my medal and then drove home right away to be sad.

I must have gone out too fast but really, I was feeling amazing, taking it slow, and making great choices.

I have no idea what happened other than this route kills me with the hills so early on and I must of just pushed too hard too soon. (but really I didn't I swear - ask Lennie he was there for the first 5k)?

This is my 5th 1/2 marathon race and I have run my 2 marathons faster than this pace plus that tough 30k last summer.


I hate you running!!!!!!!!

I guy approached me afterwards and congratulated me on not quitting. "If you had quit today, it would have made quitting tomorrow easier."

True, but I am still pissed and embarrassed.