Monday, June 11, 2012

What is There to be Happy About?

Furthering my extensive search for true cool is this shirt? 

The moment I saw it on Pinterest (yep I pin on Pinterest) ((get over it)) I loved it.  I mean, as someone who is constantly trying to define, find, be, and achieve happiness, this totally spoke to me.  So then when I went to buy it, alas, you can't get it to ship to Canada :(. 

I showed it to my husband who thought it was pretty cool and it reminded him of a shirt he saw on a girl at his school. 

One is his primary students was wearing a shirt with a happy face winking on the front and then "40 things to be happy about" on the back. 

When he asked the girl where she got the shirt she said, Justice, which is a store for tweens - wouldn't be able to find something for this plus size beauty there.  So again, I searched the Internet to try and find something similar and no luck. 

So, I've decided I need to make my own shirts - the one about happiness being the new black AND one listing 40 things to be happy about.

Wait, are there 40 things to be happy about? That's a lot. 

I searched the internet for some help and I found this site A woman started this in a small spiral notebook decades ago evolving into a book 14,000 things to be happy about. The site has become the repository for a growing database of happy thoughts. Things to be happy about offers things to be happy about in a list and calendar, a wish list, words of wisdom, a guide to creating good karma, meditations and spiritual reminders, things for kids to be happy about, and a place to create and grow your own happy list. Things to be happy about is a place to savor, share, see, make, send, and support happiness, appreciation, and gratitude.

Seriously, I do not think I could list, think of, or find 40 things.   Let's see....

I am happy about....

1. having healthy parents
2. living in Canada
3. having a job
4. Mr. Fun
5. magazine subscriptions
6. my backyard gardens
7. Megan in my life
8. watching award shows to judge the dresses
9. my time with my Grandparents
10. my pool
11. everyone letting me give them a nickname
12. my nieces and nephews
13. annual blueberry picking
14. my mom not freaking out every time I get a tattoo
15. Florida
16. candy and cake existing
17. Sunday morning crosswords
18. that people forgive me
19. not having to teach math anymore
20. movies
21. getting a "good" cancer
22. not being embarrased when I cry
23. Canadian health care
24. my Crohns being under control
25. having gone to the Biggest Loser Resort
26. owning my own home
27. the 24 hour rule
28. PJs
29. Calvin and Hobbs cartoons
30. Vegas trips
31. having read 50 Shades of Grey
32. BLT sandwiches
33. any music
34. IHOP and Cracker Barrell - yummy when you are travelling
35. drinking gallons of coffee
36. clean sheets
37. silly Christmas card photos
38. blogging
39. family potlucks
40. training for and finishing the marathons

Ok, I do have a lot to be happy about.  What are some things that you are happy about?