Monday, January 2, 2012

Was it a Good Year?

Every year Lennie and send a funny picture with our Christmas card that also contains a year at a glance letter.

This is the first year I did not include one. When I started to write the month by month reflection, every month ended up sounding crappy so we just didn't send it.

We have received numerous complaints that no letter was in the card to read and I have explained to everyone that the year kind of blew and it would have been depressing to read. Lennie thinks I should write one and let everyone else be the judge if this was a good year or not.

I live with the 50/50 rule. Half the days will be great, the others not. Half the weeks will be good, the others not. And, half the months will be positive and the others not so much. Here is the break down of 2011.

The year started strong with me joining a Biggest Loser competition at Olympic Fitness and moving to my new job at the board office. Lennie coached girls basketball again and I had neck surgery to remove 1/2 my thyroid.

I was enjoying my new job while Lennie continued to play hockey numerous times a week. Pathology back from surgery indicated thyroid cancer and another surgery is scheduled.

We had to say good bye to our fur baby of 18 years, Tigger. Great trip with Megan to Florida to see mom and dad while Lennie had a terrific time in Vegas with Jamie M. I had my second neck surgery to remove the rest of my thyroid.

Stayed at home resting and enjoyed walking every day to get my strength back while Lennie stayed off his injured knee.

Ran my first race since October and sucked with a 1:17 10k. Lennie earned a well deserved Award of Distinction nomination. Ran my 2nd 10k race and pulled out a respectable 1:13.

Lennie celebrated his 43rd birthday and wrapped up a long school year. We celebrated our 18 year wedding anniversary and opened the pool for summer swimming. I started my 19 week training program for the Chicago marathon in October and got 26.2 tattooed on my foot. I got to see the Backstreet Boys in Toronto with Lish and Lindsay.

Lennie and his golfing buddies had their annual trip to Lakewood Shores. I completed a 180km bike tour and raised more $1000 for the MS Society then suffered through a long week of Thyrogen shots to see how my body is dealing with cell production. My hair finally decided it had enough so I had it cut off and I looked like a doofus all summer.

The Chicago Rutherfords poppped in for a fun filled vacation in Canada. I completed my first 30km race in Toronto on a very humid night finishing in a dismal 4:22. Kara P, the maid of honor from our wedding, who I had not seen in years, paid us a surprise visit and it was nice to catch up. The annual Grieve pool party was held on a glorious day with all the family in attendance. I got to meet the BackStreet Boys at their VIP event during their concert in London and it was crossed off my bucket list.

Back to school we went after a short summer and I ran the Springbank 1/2 marathon in a yucky time but it was just to practice some race strategies.

I turned 43 on a weekend with Lennie and my brother in Chicago while completing my 2nd marathon 11+ minutes faster than last year. The Grieve family Christmas was excellent with homemade gifts from everyone and I had the chance to be a keynote at an OPC event.

I got promoted to Principal after a grueling promotional process and carried the Rick Hansen medal on it's cross Canada adventure. Lennie took a trip home to see our Quebec family and friends while I travelled to Pittsburg for the annual UCEA convention.

A well earned 2 week vacation in Florida rounded off the year for us.

Ok, looking back now, it really wasn't too bad (except for the cancer and Tigger dying). We are really looking forward to 2012, one more year until our sabbatical, and a healthy happy year.

Lessons learned - I am stronger than I thought I was, I have a lot of caring people in my life, I can say no when I need to, and if I do not rest my days are difficult.

Resolutions- start a book club, run another marathon, and strive for this work/life/balance that I hear so much about :) oh, and be nicer to Lennie.

Hugs to all.