Friday, November 11, 2011

Am I a Fun"gi"?

A couple of weeks ago, while having dinner with some administrator colleagues, I was ask a very profound question that puzzled me then and continues to haunt me still.  The question was...

"What do you do for fun?" 

I know, a really simple question right?  But, I didn't have a response.  I couldn't answer it.  I said, "I run" but really it is not for fun. 

I thought and thought and didn't have an answer.  I had to turn and ask my friend Scotty what I do for fun.  How sad is that, that I have to ask SOMEONE else what they think I do for fun.  Scotty's only answer was that I go to the slots but I have rarely been doing that this year.  Then, I asked my friend Sheila what I do for fun and she said I go shopping - no I do not - I hate shopping.  She then said I scrapbook - no I do not - I stopped doing that a couple of years ago.  Then she said, I work out - no I do not - I haven't done' anything for 4 weeks and it is NOT fun. 

The answer turned out to be.... I really do not do anything for fun.  I work and I rest. 

I can't believe it but I do not do anything fun.  I don't think that I am a stick in the mud or serious type, and I am married to Mr. Fun.  The guy that can turn grocery shopping into a hilarious adventure of dancing fruit and vegetables or a Sunday drive into recreating the scene from Gladiator where Russel Crowe walks through the wheat field (long story that I will retell someday) but you get the idea. 

Our winning Halloween outfits 2009
Mr. Fun can turn even the most mundane tasks into a riot.  I can not.  I see everything as a task that needs to get done and being silly wastes time - maybe I AM a stick in the mud.  When did this happen?  When did I stop being fun?  When did I stop seeing the enjoyment in everything?  When did I just work and rest with nothing in between!!!!??  When did I start taking myself WAY to seriously. 

I do love fun people and people that are funny - especially those that are clever - probably because I am not "quick" and think it is an awesome trait in others.  I know that I have never really been a lover of jokes.  I am terrible at telling them and I really don't "get" most jokes.  I don't like puns and I really hate cartoons (again, I do not "get" them.) (oh, except for Dilbert who is hilarious as he makes fun of corporations.)

Do you know where I love having fun the most?  At work, I love laughing and having fun at work.  I love to hear funny stories about schools and teaching.  I love people who share their quips about screw ups and bad choices - I love being able to laugh after the fact at things that at the time might have been difficult.  I love it when our department is killing ourselves laughing over something and someone walks in - even funnier then.  I think, because I work long hours, that I have built in having fun at work to make up for the fun I may be lacking in my personal life.  I also like being able to help others have fun and laugh at work to reduce stress, tension and hopefully make their days goes faster. 

I think what has happened is that I spend a lot of energy at work and then I am too tired when I am home to have fun in my personal life.  I do not call people to go out (except for Megan to go to the movies).  I do not go to bars (seriously a chubby, married, 43 year old at a bar please!).  During my free time, I do not want to  get dressed up, do my hair/makeup or chat.  I really do not like crowds, concerts (except for BSB) or loud noises.

Blueberry cooking day 2010
We have many beautiful iris
in our garden.
Truth is that during "my time" I love being at home.  I love being in my PJs.  I love cooking and cleaning my house.  I love things that don't require me to think, talk, or "act" a certain way. 

For as long as I can remember, I love being a homebody.  I love gardening but that is just with me and Mr. Fun.  I love to read and watch TV, but by myself.  I love to sit by the pool and watch the Purvis kids swim but just with Megan. I love talking one-on-one with people and I do love chatting using Twitter and Facebook (but in my PJs at home)

Does all of this make me snobby? 
Man oh man, I need to find some fun balance.  I need to step out more.  I have loved going to charitable events with Lindsay and Lish.  I have loved playing cards with my husbands poker league.  I love going to "Trivia Night" with my Ashley Oaks crew.  I really enjoyed the cycle team events this past summer. 

I do like to have fun, just not all the time.  I have learned throughout this difficult year that I MUST build in time for me and time for rest.  I have made a real effort to recognize that I can not please others all the time by participating in parties, events and things others perceive as fun.  It's not that I don't want to is because I know that if I go, I will have to build in time to recover and that sucks.

BUT, now that I am feeling 99% healthy, having "thinking" tune ups a couple times a month, and recognize the importance of modeling work/life/balance to my friends and team.... I must go out at least every once in and while and have fun so....what should I do for fun today (but only if I can do it in my PJs :)