Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's All Good

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  I just finished completing an EQi and EQ360 for my application for Principalship at work and I had to really take a look at my leadership and how others perceive my strengths.  The results were bang on...I am way to hard on myself and need to be happier in the moment. 

What a tough 9 months I have had.  But, all of the ups and downs have led me to this marathon and I am hoping to draw strength from all my 2011 running and fitness experiences to help me reach my goal of 5:59 on Sunday in Chicago.

Back in January after I started my new job, my friend Rene and I joined a Biggest Loser competition at Olympic Fitness.  We worked our tails off until January 19th when I had my first surgery to remove 1/2 my thyroid.  Heading back to work a couple of days later was the dumbest thing I could have done, but who knew what would happen the next month. 

I loved the Biggest Loser competition and through it all I lost some pounds and met some terrific people.
After a difficult meeting with my surgeon on February 15th in which they informed me that the tumor they removed was cancerous, I returned to St. Joseph's hospital March 30th for a second throat surgery.

I recovered really well this time as we discovered that I am allergic to morphine and therefore didn't have it and felt so much better - i.e. didn't puke a million times in recovery or in the car on the way home.  This time, I stayed at home and followed doctor orders to rest for 4 weeks. 

My running friends did their best to cheer me up by staging a rally outside my house one afternoon.  What a sight and feeling to have people supporting you even when they are not around.  True friends appear when you least expect it. 

I decided to make sure I kept active while I was off and walked almost everyday.

The Olympic Fitness crew decided to run a 10km race to celebrate all their achievements on May 1st and I met them on race day.  Not a great idea as I was still not 100% and had not run for a long time.  I had been walking daily but that did not prepare me for this race and I sucked with a 1:17. 

May 30th my friend Glen talked me into running another 10k race and this time, I felt amazing and set a PB of 1:13 and I wasn't last. Felt great to set a goal and hit it.

Part of our marathon training called for several 30km runs so Lish and Lindsay told me of a race in Toronto at night called the Midsummer's Night Run.  I ran the race but it was really hot and scary running at night, alone, through Toronto parks that I didn't know.  Was almost last with a time of 4:22 but had lots of energy at the end to pass several people.  Great weekend away with the girls too.
Mid September and my buddy Glen told me of a 1/2 marathon he was running in London and I decided to join him and make the race one of my long slow Sunday runs.  Not my best race as it was hot and the out and back route makes it tough as you know you are last.  Passed a few people and finished strong but didn't try to kill myself as this was a practice slow run.  Highlights did include Glen having a terrific race and my dad coming to watch me run for the first time.
No matter what happens next weekend I know that I am stronger and made some great life choices this year.  I try to live by the motto, "It's all good" and even have a "Life is Good" sticker on my car. 

If life isn't good then what is it?