Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Happy Day

I am not going to lie but it has been hard to be happy recently.  I look happy, I act happy, I tell people I am happy but really I am not happy...until today that is.  Why you ask?  Because I got to teach today.

A year ago I was asked to present to a group of coordinators/coaches/TOSAs for our school board and I was honoured to do it.  When I got my new job in January I was approached again by this group to return and do a part 2.  Today was that day.  I got to facilitate some of our board's most creative, funny, hard working and dynamic literacy, numeracy and ESL teacher leaders.  We worked on problem solving protocols, conflict resolution, success criteria for successful coaching and knowing our knowledge, skills and attitudes of situational leadership.  By the end of our full day everyone's brains were fried (I was thrilled as Harry Wong would be so proud) as I skipped all the way to my car full of energy while I knew "my students" were pooped.

I was teaching again.  I was leading learning again.  I was able to provide success for students again.  What a rush that I have not had in a long time.  Thank you teacher leaders for the opportunity to share in your success today and I know that I learned more from you and "took" away more from you than you will ever know.  My light has been turned back on.

But...my teaching day did not stop there.

I was asked for the 3rd time to come and speak at the North London New Balance store by my running friends Mark and Tracy (they were my running coaches for my first 1/2 marathon).  They have running groups on Tuesday night and asked me to come and share my running / health stories with their group. 

Tonight was a big group of "learn to run" runners all the way to a 1/2 marathon group.  So many smiling, friendly faces and a ton of people I knew included a wonderful teacher friend Vicky, former student's dad, and an insurance mate Mike.  I got to talk and reflect on my health situation and running accomplishments.  After I shared my running journey I gave them a top 12 list.

Catherine's Top 12 list to help with your running journey

1. Get a subscription to a running magazine

2. Join http://www.dailymile.com/. It helps track your totals, progress and pace improvements

3. Practice your finish line photo at the end of every run - arms straight and fingers spread and hold.  Don't look at your watch. 
4. Acknowledge other runners when you pass with a hello
5. Practice the 3 Cs ; commit communicate create

6. Use social media; Twitter and/or Facebook to connect with other runners

7. Sign up for future races

8. Start a champions wall with all your bibs and medals on it.

9. Read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall http://www.chrismcdougall.com/blog/

10. Put a schedule, race flyer, photo on the fridge for you and others to see

11. Drink chocolate milk.  Just like the commercial years ago with the boy who lost the hockey game, it makes everything better

12. Remember there is only 1st and 2nd place in every race. The winner, and everyone else, so you always get at a silver medal

Thanks everyone for helping me find my happy place today.