Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reality or Fate...or does it really matter?

The reality is that I could talk for hours and hours about this past weekend in Chicago.  Top 4 in my life's proudest moments, (marriage, masters degree and award of distinction are the other 3) tears at the start line, getting my medal and finishing in time for my name to appear in the paper. 
I could tell you about the expo, the heat, the fans and the mile markers.  I could list the 15 ways that I am going to take 1 hour off my time for next year...hopefully cooler temps, drop 16 pounds, less high-fiving :), no 10:1s, only walk the water stations, less sightseeing during the race:), and keep my shoes dry.  But, really I am having a hard time believing what I see every time I walk into my laundry room and see my wall of fame (as I have named it). 
Last October, weighing 230 pounds I go to a hockey game, bump into an acquaintance (who now is a great bud), chat about working out, join a running club and bingo bango bongo a year later I run a marathon - seriously...who does that?
If I can run a 10km race, then 3 1/2 marathons, and then a full marathon in 1 year ANYONE can do it.
The race itself is not the hard part - it is the fun part.  The tough part is sticking to a workout schedule, following a training plan and maintaining healthy choices.  I needed to lose more weight, stop drinking so much, eat better and make some social sacrifices order to be prepared to race.
I realize that millions and millions of people have completed marathons, run races and sacrificed for a goal but when I think of myself as someone who "sticks to it" I am just not that kind of person.  I am not a quitter and never have been but just someone who doesn't say she is going to do stuff because I don't want to let anyone down.  But, for some strange reason and for some strange year, I pulled this off. 
Why wasn't I able to do this years ago when I was in my 20s or even in my 30s??? 
I wonder if it's a maturity thing, or I needed to have the Crohns/thyroid health scare stuff or I needed to find these running people in my life?  Maybe it's just fate but does it really matter?  I did it and to me, that is what matters most.