Saturday, October 9, 2010

26.2 reasons to finish the marathon

26.   For all your students you make do stuff that is really hard for them - time to run the talk.
25.   For all your scrapbooking friends, who already think you are a little nuts.
24.   For your niece and nephews, who hopefully think you are pretty cool.
23.   For Crohns disease sufferers everywhere.
22.   For your friends at Fitness Ridge, who know what it is like to struggle.
21.   For your teacher friends, who have listened to you talk about risk taking, now you need to prove it.
20.   For Tom Cruise, for when he meets you, he knows that his next wife can run a marathon too :)
19.   For people that continue to run away from their problems so they may learn running towards something is so much better.
18.   For France.
17.   For all the people that never believed in you and especially for those that DO!
16.   For the Running Room, so they know that all their hard work and support is worth it.
15.   For the inventor of the Dairy Queen Blizzard - thank you from the bottom of my stomach.
14.   For Lindsay and Alisha for including you.
13.   For forgiveness.
12.   For all the time your spent watching movies and loving it.
11.   For Nike to prove that they need to make their workout gear in bigger sizes because big people run too!
10.   For your grandparents, who would of thought this was pretty cool.
9.   For Bill P for being the first coach ever to tell you that you had potential.
8.   For your cousins for being such achievers therefore, making you strive to be better.
7.   For your aunts and uncles for being such an integral part of your life.
6.   For Megan, so she may believe that she can complete a marathon too.
5.   For JS and his family.
4.   For your brothers, for whom you are always trying to make proud.
3.   For your parents, who never let you have a negative thought.
2.   For Lennie, who always believes you can do anything even when you think you can't.
1.   For you, because you can do it!
0.2   For God because you have some making up to do.