Monday, September 20, 2010

Success - friends and husbands make a difference

I don't have to tell you that very little can be accomplished without support.

Well this weekend was a perfect example of how having a great support system contributes to success.

Saturday night Lish had Lindsay and me to her home for a carb load dinner and movie. She cooked whole wheat penne, salad, bread and a delicious peanut butter pie. Then we watched Spirit of the Marathon - an amazing documentary on 6 people's attempt to complete the 2005 Chicago Marathon. What a great night to psyche us up for the 35km run the next day and October 10th!!!

A couple of weeks ago when Lish, Lindsay and I ran the "reach the beach" 32km run Lennie, my husband was a great supporter. He drove the car up and down the highway checking in on us, giving water/drinks and encouragement all the way to the beach.

This weekend, Lish's and Lindsay's husbands; Connor and Jamie took care of us. I left from the start at 6:15am knowing that it was going to take me about 5 hours to complete the 35km course. Lish and Lindsay were going to start at 7:00am. As I passed the first 3km marker I saw Lindsay drive by on her way to the start. Then about 30 minutes later, Connor rode his bike by and refilled my water bottles. Several times, he rode by or was stopped on the road to give me more Gatorade. Later, Jamie drove by in his truck offering water and support. Near the end, both he and Connor were up and down the highway checking on us, eventually taking our pictures at the end and driving us all the way back to our cars in London. Jamie even bought us all chocolate milk (special treat after all the long runs) What sweet guys as they kept telling me that I was looking great and encouraging me all the way to the end.
I felt great the whole time mentally with some pain in my knees and feet. I finished without stopping in 4:59.12 that is pretty awesome for never running that far before, by myself and it was suppose to be a long slow run - that means that I only have 7km to go and I can do that in less than 1 hour to break the 6 hour marathon mark - I totally think that I can do it in sub 6 hours because I know I will go faster in race mode.

There is NO way I would have ever thought that I could have run and finish 35km and I know without all these fabulous friends in my life I could never have done it.
Thank you guys for making me laugh, continually filling my bottles, and for all the encouragement and cheering me to the end.
I can hardly wait for 10-10-10 and getting a photo of us all wearing our Chicago medals.
Next weekend is going to be a riot in Toronto as we head down to run the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 marathon and cheer our other clinic friends as they run the full marathon. Stay tuned for updates as Megan my best friend runs her first 1/2 marathon with us. Secretly I am aiming for a time that has a 4 in it shhhh don't tell anyone but I want to finish with a 2:49!!!