Friday, August 27, 2010

And the work begins...

I can tell you that I am a whole new person.

First of all, I am tracking everything I eat on FatCounter app on my IPhone - it totally helps make sure that I do not eat anymore than 1500 calories a day. I want to lose some more weight before Chicago to make it easier on my joints; especially my ankles, knees and feet.

Also, Lennie has been so supportive. He has been shopping and cooking up a storm for us - all healthy, small meals and delicious stuff.

Next, my Stash Tea has arrived. I love the stuff and it was so helpful at Fitness Ridge. I took some to my parents and Megan - all who love it too. I ordered 300 bags of the Vanilla Nut Cream decaf - awesome.

I have run 2xs this week too and feel great - very strong - Megan even commented that my breathing is so much better - we ran a 7km last night in our fastest time and were quite proud.

I have my longest run on Sunday - 32km and am looking forward to the adventure - that would mean that I only have to do a 10km after that to finish the marathon - cross your fingers for me that I can mentally handle it.