Sunday, April 11, 2010

I did it, I did it, I did it in less than 3 hours!!!

Oh my goodness, I finished the Run for Retina 1/2 marathon today in 2:58:27 - sweet or what. I wore a pace band set for a 3 hour race but was ahead each kilometer so I knew I could do it - I just kept saying 2:58 over and over again.

Here is me and my running bud Sylvia just before the race. We are flexing for the camera - she did awesome too and ran in about 2:51!!

Here is me and our Running Room coaches Mark and Steve. What can I say about these guys but thanks. Thanks for caring, being our coaches, mentors and best of all friends along the way. Great to see people care about others abilities no matter what your goal or size.

Here is Lindsay, Alicia and me at the end of the race with our medals - cool that Lennie got my engraved with my name, date and time of race. Great keepsake. They have kept me going through this whole endeavor and I am so thrilled that they let me tag along with their fun.

We are now off to Cincinnati to run the Flying Pig - apparently it is rated as the most fun marathon in America. 150,000 fans line the course and cheer you on in costumes, with music and lots of fun.